Facebook storytelling

There are things in life that make you go “That’s cool” and for me that happened after I read this from Bryan Alexander.

The New Digital Storytelling

Here’s another instance of using Facebook to tell a story.  Once again, the source is an archive, and the subject is historical biography.

Donnelyn Curtis, the director of research collections and services at the University of Nevada at Reno, created Facebook profiles for Mr. McDonald and his wife, Leola Lewis, to give students a glimpse of university life during the couple’s college days. Ms. Lewis graduated in 1913, and Mr. McDonald earned his degree in mechanical engineering two years later.

Some practical background and a motive:

With approval from Mr. McDonald’s granddaughter, Peggy McDonald, Ms. Curtis said she’s using archival material for a history project designed to appeal to a wider audience than the typical patrons of special collections.

We’re just trying to help history come alive a little bit for students,” she said. At first, only extended family members bothered to “friend” with the pair’s profiles…

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  1. Outside of being used as messaging platforms and a place to discover content, Facebook and other social media sites are used as canvases for creativity. The creativity that people unleash daily to draw awareness to issues, to propel revolutions, to converse with friends and strangers, and in this case, to connect students with history is amazing to witness.

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