Bio: I am nobody special and I do not expect to have the greatest impact on the world. I simply do this for me. If all goes well then fine, but in the end a girl just needs a place to let her thoughts out at the end of the day. I am in my mid-twenties living in a world where little makes sense and plenty of contradictory actions that I simply wish to share my views on them and frankly if anyone wishes to comment or tear me apart, then I know that what I have to say is making people think. If I can get people to think and share what they are thinking then I hope that the world can become just a little bit better to live in. Who knows if anything I have to say will make sense and I am sure I will ramble more than I should, but who cares. This isn't philosophy class. Through this experience I hope you will get to know me more than what I could ever write in this section.

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