The Opener

Hello All,

This first post is simply an introduction of myself and the content to be discussed and shared on this blog. I am a graduate student studying Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), via WVU’s online masters program. Currently, I am taking IMC619 Emerging Median and the Market class. I am happy to say that I have only two more classes to complete after this one and I will have successfully achieved a Master’s of Science degree. In this current class it is required to create a blog discussing and sharing anything and everything about emerging media. A blog is an appropriate channel to do so as it is emerging media. “What is emerging media good for?” you may ask. I hope to discover just that and share it with you. I look forward to comments and whatever else crosses the minds of those who find what I have to say as interesting or maybe even crazy or outrageous. My next post will follow shortly as a post is required each week, but I hope to be inspired several times per week to add to the many discussions that have been established about emerging media and hopefully figuring out “What is it good for?”. The answer isn’t “absolutely nothing!” I can assure you.

Until next time then,