Emerging Media and Education

From paintings on the wall in Lascaux, to the Gutenberg printing press, the ballpoint pen, telegraph, telephone, email, and now social media. All of these examples are part of our technology advancements in communication. We all had to be educated about each and everyone and for those that lived through so much change took it either with great anticipation or dreaded the next year. If any of you watch Downton Abbey, you are taken back to the early 20th century when new inventions were sneaking their way into every part of people’s lives. The Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith), the grandmother in the television show, is very leery of the new technologies and my favorite is when the telephone is installed and her feelings of it when trying to use it herself.

We all have the experience similar to the Dowager when something new comes along. How we overcome the challenges of a change in our social interaction is to educate ourselves and with practice. Higher education as taken a notice to the need to educate those looking to make emerging media a career and you can now get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the subject. Champlain College offers a Master’s degree, while Boston University offers the Bachelor’s. Non-traditional schools offer a program as well.

And it’s not all about teaching for a professional career. Students expect to use such means in the classroom. Just as Gardner Campbell, director of professional development and innovative initiatives at Virginia Tech shares, “People need a way to be able to think about and participate in this enormously complex and rapidly changing computing environment, a way that’s going to be productive, a way that’s going to be satisfying, a way that’s going to be inspiring.” Emerging Media plays an important role in the classroom for sure.

Business professionals are not excluded from learning and using emerging media. A business must be a social business in this world. Marketers must make sure they are keeping up with this social concept and for those that have taken on the task should know how to do it correctly to keep up with it. They must do the following according to Gretchen Fox: 1) Impermanence, 2) Real Time, 3) Combining Tech with Real World, and 4) Bio Data.

We all will become thoroughly educated as emerging media evolves. We just hope we can keep up with it.

Until next time then,