Should I or Shouldn’t I Share

Social Media gives us all the ability to share and say whatever we want, whenever we want. We do not need permission that is for sure. Sharing/retweeting/liking is basically a currency in way for social media. It is how we may determine to comment and share how we feel about the post. And then there are the posts we create ourselves, hoping someone will share/retweet/like. We all want to make some impact for the day on social media and some will go to any lengths to do so. But is it really worth it? What do we get from sharing online?

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Would your network thank you for it?
  2. Does it make you say “Holy Smokes”?
  3. Does it pass the Facebook test?/Would you want to see on your Facebook New Feed?
  4. Would you email it to a friend?

There are even more appropriate times to share and it changes for each social media. Facebook is better suited to have a post at the end of week. Tweeting at off-peak times, like the weekend can help yours stand out. Google+ users normally are on during weekdays in the late morning before noon. You can be successful on Pinterest on the weekend and for LinkedIn before and after work is more appropriate.

There is even a better way to share your own story.  Those of us in the IMC field or studying it like myself understand the importance of a good story. We work for a client and want to show them in the best way possible, but we have to remember we are our own client as well. This can be easily done with creating a powerful bio, developing your own voice, being strategic about sharing content, and studying your audience. For anything that has to do with what we create, we must do so carefully and strategically.

Take a look this presentation by Prof. Dawn Edmiston at WVU’s INTEGRATE 2012 conference. It can surely make you appreciate how people perceive you online.

Until next time then,